The Beat | April 12th, 2024

Expert-driven content: An Imperative for SEO in 2024

We've all learned a lot about leveraging AI to our advantage, but we're all still grappling with the effects of widespread AI-generated content. We know that it’s not the best strategy for SEO, but we also understand that the issue isn't AI itself, but rather the lack of originality, quality, and a unique human touch. In this edition of The Beat, we'll provide practical tips for incorporating these elements into your daily routine: expert-driven content strategy, AI hacks and tools, and the humanization of AI-generated content. (PS: Just so you know, humans completely wrote this newsletter, alright?). Grab your coffee, and let's dive in!

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In 2024, expert-driven content is key to organic growth [+Data from our clients]

Carol Simões 

Digital Marketing Strategist

In the last few years, several events have transformed the way we generate, consume, and interact with content—from a global pandemic to the popularization of AI. This has also been reflected in SEO, especially after the latest Google Core Update. We’ve seen strong blogs and sites losing their results significantly—including some of our clients. It was clear that traditional techniques for recovering organic traffic were no longer as effective as before, so we needed to come up with new hypotheses that addressed these changes. And so we did. In this article, we will delve into more details about the strategies used with our clients and the results we have already achieved. Keep reading!
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increase in SERP position


improvement in CTR
These are some of the results achieved with our clients after we implemented the expert-driven content strategy. Read the full article to know more about it.

AI hacks and tools to enhance human content creation

Dani Alves

Data Scientist

Humans and machines can contribute to each other in different ways to produce great content. But how can we do it in the most effective way possible? There are some aspects you need to consider, such as finding the most healthy and effective balance between AI and human content creation, how to make the best use of available resources, and most importantly, how to prevent your brand from being exposed to issues when generating AI-assisted content. This article will explore those questions and recommend a portfolio of tools to enhance your content creation with AI.
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Data Insights


to write content


to draft content


to create outlines


for ideas and inspirat...
State of Marketing Report 2024 — check the full insights here.

Marketers & AI

Marketers are still doing more with less, so efficiency is crucial. AI tools and total tech stack harmony are the prime ways to save marketers hours of manual tasks per week.
Want to know more? Learn about how today's biggest marketing trends impact how marketers do their jobs, from changing privacy regulations to the rise of AI tools, in the State of Marketing Report 2024.
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How we humanize AI content at Rock Content: A step-by-step guide

Chris Dornellas

SEO Specialist

What if you could humanize your AI content creation while still maintaining quality and following SEO best practices? Join us on this step-by-step tour of how our work is done. In this article, our SEO specialist shows how we humanize AI content using some of our go-to tools for AI content production and editing with expert humans for the final touch. So grab your favorite drink, and let’s dive into how we merge AI efficiency with the warmth of human interaction in our everyday content creation.
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2024 State of
Marketing Report

Learn about the top current marketing trends impacting how marketers will work in 2024.

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