What should be your next

martech priority?

We know there are so many options for solving almost every challenge a marketing team can face. But, regardless of the resources your company invests, there are cost-benefit ways to generate more assertive results. 
Answer the following 7 questions to find out your company’s maturity level on Martech and learn which areas to prioritize.



Building brand awareness is one of the most important steps toward customer acquisition. Marketers often use technology to help drive genuine traffic to their site. Which of the options below represents your primary strategy?



Developing and implementing strategies to achieve the desired results is essential, but there are more assertive ways to identify what works and what can be optimized. Which of the options below best describes the way your company makes decisions and analyzes the generated data to analyze the success of a project and make decisions?



Most companies have specific KPIs directly related to customer retention. There are technologies to help generate important data for sales, marketing, and customer success teams decisions. Regarding your company's customer service, what channels of communication does your company offer?



Marketing and sales teams can use marketing automation to automate online marketing campaigns and sales activities which can increase revenue and maximize efficiency. Which stage best describes your marketing automation?



A marketing opportunity is a sales-accepted lead that has been qualified as being in need of your product or service. Technology can also help streamline and accelerate the process of qualifying and acquiring these contacts online. Where are most of your company's opportunities originating?



The use of technology has allowed any company or business, large or small, to reach more people, possibly increasing demand for its services or products. Which forms of contact are available on your website/blog?



How a marketing team is organized can have a direct impact on the prioritization of actions and the direction of the company's projects. How is your marketing team structured?