Branding & Storytelling: Crafting Engaging and Authentic Narratives

Special Guest: Giuseppe Caltabiano
VP of Marketing at Rock Content
Giuseppe Caltabiano,

VP of Marketing at Rock Content

Giuseppe Caltabiano is a highly talented, results-oriented global marketer with 20+ years' success spearheading instrumental B2B & B2C operations, specializing in SaaS, IT, Software, Financial Services, Industrial Automation, and Energy. As a renowned speaker, he was voted as one of the most influential B2B marketers by companies Market Recruitment in 2019, Onalytica in 2018, and Traackr in 2016, and have achieved an essential place among the 2017 Top 25 Masters of Multichannel Marketing.

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Welcome to Marketing Backstage! Our series of live training to help you evolve your company’s Marketing strategies.


In this edition, we have Giuseppe Caltabiano, the VP of Marketing at Rock Content, as our special guest, teaching how to craft engaging and authentic content to generate great results.

What you will learn:

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How Branding and Storytelling work together

 ♩ ♩

Their importance for your Marketing strategy

 ♩ ♩

How to create great Branding strategies

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Examples of engaging and authentic campaigns, and more!

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