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Sell-Side Experience

Learn how your Sales team can have a complete view of the consumer's interactive journey

Saiba como o time de Vendas pode ter uma visão completa da jornada interativa do consumidor

Marketing, Sales & Buyer Alignment

Empower sales with the information that comes out of buyer interactions

Interactive content engages your buyers with calculators, assessments, quizzes and more. But how do you empower sales with the information that comes out of those touchpoints?


Imagine if the information coming from your customers' journey — every completed field, answered question and clicked link — were available to your Sales team, in a simple and visual way. That's what Ion's Sell-Side Experience offers!

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Have the advantage at the most critical moment

When using the Sell-Side Experience, you gain a head start in the transition between digital Marketing and personal selling. Your Sales team has access to individual customer information collected organically through pages of interactive content. With it, the seller can understand the consumer's needs and is able to take a far more personalized approach. In the end, everyone wins.

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See Sell-Side in Action

Visualize the customer's journey timeline

With just one click, the seller can access a visual timeline of the customer's interactive journey from the CRM. Then, they can click on each page of interactive content that the lead had contact with and view the information they provided.


Sell-Side Experiences are created by Marketing professionals and can be simple results pages or sales-specific environments, complete with tips and guidance from the Marketing team.

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Consumer engagement is rewarded

Armed with every bit of relevant information from the buyer’s interactive journey, the salesperson doesn’t miss a beat — picking up the personal dialogue right where the digital dialogue left off. Little is lost in translation


Filling out long spreadsheets is replaced with one click and customers feel rewarded in their digital journey.

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Empower your CRM with proprietary data
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With Sell-Side, Ion shares its wealth of clear and descriptive data with technologies such as CRM and Marketing automation tools in a practical way through integrations, which makes the work of the Sales team easier.

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