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The Beat | July 5th, 2024

Insights from Cannes Lions 2024

Is content marketing ahead of traditional advertising? Apparently, for the world’s largest creativity festival, it seems so. In this edition of The Beat, we’ll take a look at the main insights from the Cannes Lions (and how content stood out in this latest edition), and also content hacks: a case study that brought us 50% more results with a banner, and the magic of interactive calculators. Ready? Scroll down!

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Insights from Cannes Lions 2024: Trends, innovation and inspiration

Chris Dornellas

SEO Specialist

In case you didn't know, Cannes Lions is the world's largest creativity festival, recognizing the most innovative and impactful campaigns in the advertising industry. In this article, we’ll explore key trends and innovations that emerged from the festival, providing insights to inform and inspire your next big campaign. Let’s dive in!
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Key trends and innovations from
Cannes Lions 2024 
⭐ Artificial Intelligence in Advertising
⭐ Collaborations and Partnerships
⭐ Immersive Experiences
⭐ Diversity and Inclusion
⭐ Humanity and humor
We have all that covered with many brand examples in the full article.
Case Study

How I increased our CTR by 50% by changing the banner position on the blog

Will Gomes

Creative Designer

Here at Rock Content, we have a strong testing routine, not just for strategists, but for the entire marketing team. It might surprise you, but a good hack can come from any area... even from one that hardly deals with statistics and data: design. In this article, we’ll tell you how our creative designer helped increase our click-through rate by 50% by changing the position of a banner on our blog (and how to implement a testing mindset in your marketing team as well). Read now!
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Why you should consider adding Interactive Calculators to your content marketing strategy

Silvia Be

UI Designer

Have you ever considered using interactive calculators in your content marketing strategy? They are logic-driven experiences that captivate users by providing practical value. These tools enhance user engagement, improve SEO, and generate high-quality leads. Ultimately, this leads to improved conversion rates and a more substantial online presence. In this article, we’ll dive into how to use interactive calculators in your content marketing strategy (even if you have never done it before).
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of marketers agree that interactive content plays an important role in differentiating their brands.
of marketers state that interactive content improves messaging retention.
more engagement comes from interactive content when compared to static content.

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