The Beat | June 7th, 2024

Google Leak Exposed

Let’s talk about something big that happened in the last few days. The SEO community was buzzing with excitement and a bit of shock because some internal Google documents were leaked, revealing a lot about how ranking on SERPs really works. The Beat has arrived to dive into the juicy details of what exactly was leaked, as well as data on AI content on SERPs, and how you can increase your conversions by 431% (proven case). Dive in.

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✉ Get notified when we publish the next The Beat 

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Insights from the Google Leak: What SEO professionals need to know and how to adapt

Chris Dornellas

SEO Specialist

In the last few days, there was a leak of internal Google documents packed with details about how Google’s search engine works behind the scenes. For those in SEO, it felt like finding a secret treasure map. These leaked documents give us solid information about what Google actually looks at when ranking websites. This article breaks down the key takeaways and provides actionable steps to improve your search rankings.

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[Data] Does AI bring more traffic than human content?

Julia Moss

Account Executive

A lot has been discussed about the excessive use of AI-generated content without human editing and its consequences. More recently, the Google leak and the last core update confirmed what we already suspected: content quality is essential for achieving results. But does this mean that only content created by humans can succeed? In this article, we will analyze data from various studies and share some of our own results at Rock Content to answer, with data, the following question: Can AI-generated content be as effective at driving marketing results as human content? Join us.

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From static to interactive: how to increase the performance of the content you already have

Sylvia Szterenfeld

Project Manager

There’s a lot of content on the internet (have you heard of the term ‘zombie content’?), and people are paying less and less attention in this crowded online environment. In a world where people’s attention is a precious currency, everyone has the same question: How do I make my content stand out? In this article, we’ll try to answer that question for you with some magic pill, also known as interactive content. Furthermore, we’ll discuss how to go from static to interactive with a piece of content that you already have. Read now and get better results!
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The magic of interactivity


increase in conversions


increase in traffic


more engagement


decrease in bounce

These are all real data from us and our clients. Read the full article to understand how to transform your already published content into something interactive and boost your results.
Create a Star-level Content

Engage across the entire buyer’s journey with no-code interactive experiences. Take your content strategy to the next level.

Be a hitmaker. Be hear.

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