The Beat | April 1st, 2024

The future is about Generative Engine Optimization

Hey-o! Your edition of The Beat arrived on Monday so you could focus on your Easter weekend and then start the week (and the month! Happy April Fools) updated with marketing news. In this issue, we'll be talking a lot about Google. And AI. And how these two things are increasingly converging - from Google Core Update and AI-generated content to what seems to be the future for SEO professionals: gaining visibility in AI Search. Ready? Scroll down and enjoy.

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✉ Get notified when we publish the next The Beat 

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Generative Engine Optimization (GEO): How to gain visibility in AI Search

Larissa Mendes

SEO Specialist 

The era of AI is transforming everything around us, including how we search for information online. With the emergence of generative engines such as Google's Gemini and Microsoft's Bing, searches have become more dynamic and comprehensive, generating multimodal responses that go beyond text. And, if once we could rely fully on SEO... it’s possible that in the future we’ll also need to consider GEO. Wait, what? Follow us in this comprehensive article to learn all there is to know so far about Generative Engine Optimization (a.k.a. Optimization for AI-Search).
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Will Google penalize my website for using AI to create content?  [+ Tips to use AI to create content after the Google Core Update]

Larissa Mendes

SEO Specialist 

In the last issue of The Beat, we delved deep into the Google March Core Update 2024, which was considered one of the most significant updates in recent times and focuses on removing spam and low-quality content from search engines. Sites with content deemed of poor quality were simply removed from the SERP, and, coincidentally or not, the vast majority were powered by mass-generated content by Artificial Intelligence. So, that leaves many with the question: is Google penalizing sites that use AI in content creation? Spoiler alert: the simplest answer is no. However, in SEO, things are more complex and obvious. Let's understand the nuances.
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Half of the sites that were completely deindexed had over 90% AI-generated content.


Source: Originality.ia

This new tool will help you humanize your AI-generated content

Fernanda Donnini

Product Marketing Manager

One of the most frequently asked questions from our subscribers is: 'I don't have time to create high-quality content in the ideal quantity amidst all the other marketing strategies I need to prioritize. How do you produce content when you don’t have time to do it properly?' This is indeed a significant challenge. That's why we gathered in one single article our tips on how one of our teams, with just two experts, manages over 28 content marketing strategies for various clients. Come and have a read. 
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