The Beat | January 26th, 2024

AI for link-building

Isn't it wonderful how some AI tools help increase our productivity and effectiveness? Today, we're going to talk about an AI developed specifically to assist in link-building strategies (think of it as a dating app, but for websites to exchange links). Curious? We will also discuss Google's increasing phase-out of cookies and some growth hacking cases. Scroll down and enjoy the read!

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Is it possible to use Artificial Intelligence for Link Building? Get to know the AI Backlink Matcher

Diana Martins

SEO Planner

Those who work with SEO know how important, yet labor-intensive, backlink strategies can be. Wouldn't it be so much easier if there were a kind of "dating app," but for quickly and efficiently connecting websites? Well, there is. Let's talk about the AI Backlink Matcher, the tool that uses AI to match your site with others in the same niche or aligned with your business (yes, like a dating app, but for SEO). We demonstrate how this tool works in practice in the full article.
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Google is killing cookies, but not really: What you need to know

Chris Dornellas

SEO Specialist

Google has thrown a curveball by deciding to bid farewell to third-party cookies for many Chrome users. A few weeks ago, Chrome said goodbye to cookies for approximately 30 million users—around 1% of its entire user base. And by the time we say goodbye to the current year, cookies will be a thing of the past for everyone on Chrome—well, almost. In this comprehensive article, we'll explain everything you need to know about this important step by Google regarding cookies and how to prepare for the future.
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How I improved conversions by 37% with a simple A/B test

Guilherme Rezende

Growth Marketer

If you've been underestimating the impact of A/B testing, we're here to show you it's worth a second look. We boosted our conversion rate by a solid 37% through a simple, yet impactful, A/B test. This success stems from our testing culture and routine, allowing us to create a string of effective growth hacking strategies. In this article, we invited our Growth Marketer and “the man” behind our tests to delve into the details of this case. Brace yourself for some good insights.
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We want to know

A simple A/B test without a solid hypothesis and a good testing culture behind it might not yield the outcomes you want. Read our case to understand how to implement it and improve your results even further.


8 Digital Marketing KPIs to measure in 2024

Rock Content Writer

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Digital Marketing KPIs help companies achieve their best results through measurement. These indicators show the performance of the actions defined in the strategy, providing a broader view of what the efforts are generating. There is a wide selection of KPIs to help detect sales results, conversions, engagement, and media investments. Marketing teams can monitor various activities across different channels where campaigns run. In this post, we'll cover why it is important to keep track of KPIs and identify the eight most crucial KPIs to measure in 2024.
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