The Beat | January 12th, 2024

Our bets for 2024 in Content Marketing

How many marketing predictions have you read since the year began? Maybe a few. The truth is, we can look back and try to predict some trends, but it's impossible to foresee exactly what to expect. In this issue of The Beat, we'll share our perspective on 2024, covering marketing, content, and SEO. May it serve as a solid foundation for you to build and strengthen your strategies this year. So, welcome to the first edition of The Beat in 2024. Enjoy!

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Navigating the new content landscape: Trends and possibilities for 2024

Giuseppe Caltabiano

VP of Marketing

It’s the beginning of 2024, and all you can see in your timeline are “Marketing Predictions.” Well, this is not one of them… at least not quite. The dynamic nature of the tech and content realms has proven that some aspects refuse to adhere to a predetermined script (very few people can truly say they’d predicted the impact of AI last year). Rather than attempting to predict the unpredictable, our focus shifts towards identifying the building blocks of tomorrow. What are the factors shaping the future of marketing and content? Our VP of Marketing explores key transformations in this comprehensive article.
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Essential SEO Trends for 2024

Lori R

Content written by one of our 15,000 freelance talents. Learn more about it here.

The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated“, Mark Twain once told a friend. SEO could very well say the same thing. Multiple experts keep predicting SEO’s demise, but it continues to live on. What’s more, it’s never been more important, at the same time that it’s continually changing more than ever. Old tricks such as keyword stuffing and link farms are definitely dead while new trends have come to the fore. Read on to find out the most important SEO trends that will impact your business and audience this year.
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We want to know

Yep, we can’t say that we don’t agree with you. All of these are already impacting SEO as we know — and there’s much more to prepare for. We’ve got you.


How to produce content when you don’t have time to do it properly 

Carol Abrantes

Talent Manager 

One of the most frequently asked questions from our subscribers is: 'I don't have time to create high-quality content in the ideal quantity amidst all the other marketing strategies I need to prioritize. How do you produce content when you don’t have time to do it properly?' This is indeed a significant challenge. That's why we gathered in one single article our tips on how one of our teams, with just two experts, manages over 28 content marketing strategies for various clients. Come and have a read. 
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The design process behind our zero-budget B2B Brand Campaign

Will Gomes

Creative Designer

Nay Medeiros

Creative Designer

In the past couple of months, you probably saw that, at the end of our newsletter, we left some messages telling you to “Get your b(r)and together” or to “Amplify your Marketing Skills.” They are part of our one and only zero-budget, in-house-made Brand Campaign. In this special article, our Graphic Designers share all the design processes behind it. Have a look.
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All of our processes and steps are detailed in the full article. Have a nice read!

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