The Beat | November 3, 2023

Influencer Marketing in 2024

It’s the first Friday of November! Can we start by taking down the Halloween decorations and getting our stomachs ready for the delicious Thanksgiving dinner? Not to mention Black Friday, and before you know it, the Christmas lights will be up, and the ball will be dropping in Times Square. Stay calm, stay calm. Just continue reading The Beat, issue after issue, and you'll remain informed and prepared all the way to the end of the year. Let’s do this!

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Which Influencer Marketing statistics do you need to consider for 2024?

Camila Casarotto

Content written by one of our 15,000 freelance talents. Learn more about it here.

Statistics about influencers show that Influencer Marketing has already become a part of companies' strategies and is only growing. More than ever, it's important to track the evolution of influencers to understand how they can influence consumer behavior and the best ways to connect with them. In this article, we present the main Influencer Marketing statistics that you should consider for marketing in 2024.
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Just to give you a sample…


Trust influencer recommendations


Trust branded social media content

October Google Core Update: What we know and how to prepare for November

Germano Ferreira

Content Strategist Analyst

Google... What the heck is going on? We've had not one, but four Core Updates in the past few months—the last one just a few weeks ago, leaving marketers and SEO professionals feeling apprehensive, to say the least. If this news caught you by surprise (and you're not subscribed to The Beat), your website traffic is probably already suffering. But don't worry. In this article, we delve into all we know about the October update, how Rock Content views Google's core algorithm updates, and how to use all this information to secure your traffic in November. Keep reading.
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‘Integrated marketing creates efficiency within your teams, and maximizes impact in the market,’ 

says the VP of Marketing at Aircall
In today’s digital landscape, the most common scenario is an overwhelming amount of advertising and marketing efforts as brands compete for our attention. So, the question arises: How can one cut through this noise? Enter integrated marketing. “Integrated Marketing is creating a cohesive marketing strategy where all of your teams are aligned to a unified message” Lisa Vecchio, VP of Marketing at Aircall, points out. Read the full exclusive interview.
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Special Guest

Lisa Vecchio
VP of Marketing at Aircall and a distinguished expert in the field.

Lisa Vecchio

VP of Marketing at Aircall and a distinguished expert in the field

Lisa is a CIM Chartered Marketer and demonstrated leader with global experience driving integrated B2B marketing programs. She is the VP, Integrated Marketing at Aircall, responsible for Aircall's global to-local marketing strategy. She currently leads teams across campaigns, content/seo, design, web growth, lifecycle and partner marketing.
Consumers across the world are becoming increasingly aware of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) topics. Black consumers are willing to pay more and prioritize brands that meet their needs, according to data. And we, as marketers, have the obligation to mitigate racial-biased information and to promote racial diversity in the content we create and among the professional landscape. To talk more about it, we invited Natalie Gullatt, founder and president of the Black Marketers Association of America (BMAA), to an exclusive interview.
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From static content to interactive experiences: Navigating the seas of content evolution

Fê Sallibi

Customer Success Associate

Imagine a scenario where your audience isn't a passive observer but an enthusiastic participant. This is the core of interactive content. Don't get us wrong: static content has its place in digital marketing strategy. It offers stability; it's easy to create, control, and promote. However, there are certain things that static content simply cannot accomplish—and that's where things start to get interesting. If you're unsure about what interactive content is or haven't yet incorporated it into your content marketing strategy, this is a must-read article. Read it now.
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