The Beat | August 4, 2023

New Google Core Update?

Did you sense the SERPs being a tad... unsettled in the last month? Well, it wasn't just your imagination. SEO analyses reveal that the SERPs have encountered a level of instability that we've only witnessed near Google Core updates in recent months. So... should we anticipate forthcoming changes? In this edition of The Beat, we dive deeper into this to ensure you're well-prepared, all while covering the hottest topics of the moment: AI and Twitter's rebranding to X. Ready to kickstart your Friday? Join us in The Beat.

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New Google Core Update? Signs that Google might be rolling out changes soon

Germano Ferreira

Content Strategist

In recent weeks, SEOs across the web have reported high volatility in their website traffic and unstable SERP activity. Yup, it seems that a new major Google algorithm update might be coming. This raises several questions: Will Google officially announce an update soon? What signs confirm that speculations about an update might be true? How can you track possible updates? In this article, we will discuss rumors of this potential new major update from Google, and analyze some indicators SEOs should pay attention to for identifying possible updates and adapting their strategies. With this information, we can alleviate negative impacts on traffic and keyword ranking.
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The Semrush volatility sensor shows high activity since July 14. If this volatility period reflects the average of other releases, we can expect a pronouncement from Google soon. Read the full content to be prepared. 

Is this the end of Twitter? What marketers should know about Elon Musk's rebranding of Twitter as X

Luciana Pio

Expert Analyst in Digital Marketing | SEO Audit

The rebranding of an Era. Witnessing one of the most popular social networks of the past 10 years being completely reset "overnight" is all that's on the internet's lips these days. To be fair, the current CEO of former Twitter Elon Musk did warn us. When he acquired Twitter, he post it from his account: "Acquiring Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app." Still, with the seismic shift followed by a series of controversial changes like Twitter Blue and daily content limits, expecting concerns from users and brands is a given. We dive deep into what spurred this shift, expert opinions on the rebrand, and, most importantly, what this means for marketers and companies in’s uncertain future.
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We want to know

We're officially in a Twitter-less land, leaving millions of engaged users as "orphans" of this social network. Is it worth continuing there? Is it worth abandoning your account and your followers? We share our impressions in the full article.


How the Rock Content team uses AI

Giuseppe Caltabiano

VP of Marketing

It’s true that AI has changed not only the way we write but also the way we think about content. From our experience, AI can be an extremely powerful and efficient tool for productivity, and we've already harnessed its potential in innovative and exciting ways. In this special article, we invited our VP of Marketing to explain how Rock Content’s marketing team is leveraging AI to boost efficiency and optimize content—all without compromising the cherished 'human element' that underlies the value and success of our content.
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5 ChatGPT Prompts to optimize your writing

Jessica Fontoura

Digital Marketing Analyst

Speaking of it... there's no denying that the launch of ChatGPT in November 2022 reignited the AI debate. While here at Rock Content we extend our use of AI well beyond ChatGPT (swipe above to read the previous article where we provided detailed insights on this), when it comes to optimizing content tasks, OpenAI’s chat can be a valuable ally to enhance your writing—emphasis on the term "enhance" rather than creating from scratch. It can help with resources to refine text, brainstorming titles, offering additional options for captivating hooks, and even extending a helping hand during writer’s blocks. In this article, we shared the five ChatGPT prompts that we use most often, which can help optimize persuasive writing.
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People, community, and diversity governance: Check out the 2022 Social Impact and DEI Report now

Luana Dias

Diversity & Social Impact | Marketing and Communication Analyst

We are thrilled to launch our 4th Social Impact & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Report for the year 2022. Aligned with our corporate purpose of improving marketing while positively impacting the world, our impact strategy revolves around three core pillars: people, community, and DEI governance. This report is a primary source on our company’s global diversity, inclusion, equity, and social impact initiatives and results. It features data and highlights our progress so far in line with our main impact areas. Explore our results now in three versions: Full Report, Interactive, and Fact Sheet!
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