The Beat | July 21, 2023

How does Google deal with AI content?

Have you felt the impact of AI on your SEO strategy already? Well, if you answered "yes," you're definitely not alone—surveys say that 84% of marketers also agree with that. That's why, in this issue, we'll dive a little deeper into AI and search engines. Can Google detect AI-generated content? And is it possible to use artificial intelligence to enhance your SEO strategy? (Spoiler: yes, and it can be a real time-saver for you if you use the right tools.) Relax, we've got you covered. Grab your coffee and scroll down to start your morning with The Beat.


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Google and AI: How does Google deal with AI Content?

The thought of being able to type a single idea into an AI text generator and having a blog post created for you in seconds sounds compelling…but is it really a good idea? Will artificial intelligence be able to add the value that a creative, breathing human adds to each piece they write? And what about Google? Will the arbiter of all things SEO be able to distinguish between content generated by a machine and material written by humans? In this blog, you'll learn how Google detects and evaluates AI content, if the search engine will penalize AI-generated content, and much more. Dive in!
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Supercharge your content strategy with the AI Content Wizard

Fernanda Donnini

Product Marketing Manager

While the discussion about AI-generated content and its impact on SERPs, quality, and uniqueness is extremely important, that doesn't mean you should never use AI in your content strategy—quite the contrary! AI can be a valuable ally in enhancing your productivity and effectiveness. Now, what if you could use it to perform extensive content research based on reliable data in minutes instead of hours? That's what the new AI Content Wizard aims to deliver. This game-changing feature will ultimately link your content strategy with top organic traffic opportunities. Let's dive into how it works and how it can help you create better content.
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We want to know

Thank you for your answer! Did you know that recent surveys say that 37% of marketers already use AI to enhance their time spent on content strategies? For that, it's important to rely on trustworthy tools with reliable data and specific analysis for your website. We bet you might like the AI Content Wizard for that. Check out the full article to understand how the tool works.


How to create high-quality content for clients from different industries? Here’s the secret of agency InfoStream

Vanessa Dias

Content Specialist

No matter how skilled our in-house content writers are, it wasn't possible for them to have experience in all industries." The line is from InfoStream Solutions' COO, but it can easily be related to any marketing agency that delivers quality, specialized content to clients across a diverse range of industries. Well, that’s a challenge that this agency no longer faces. Read the full case to understand how they completely transformed their content creation processes and boosted their own credibility in the content creation space.
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How to prepare your business for Black Friday in 2023

It's the most wonderful time of the year… Christmas? No, my friends. We're talking about America's biggest shopping event since 2001: Black Friday. And, if you think it's too far away, think again. Brands that want to have a successful Black Friday campaign need to start planning it right now. Properly leveraged, Black Friday can boost site traffic and sales in the long run. It also has the potential to build brand loyalty that will grow your customer base. What does a successful Black Friday marketing campaign look like? The pointers outlined in this article apply to companies of all sizes and industries. Read on to find out how to increase your odds of a successful Black Friday 2023.
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