The Beat | July 07, 2023

[New Data] SEO investments are expected to increase

In times of austerity, being assertive about your business investments is crucial. And data is essential to guide this decision - that's why, in this edition of The Beat, we bring you data on why the vast majority of marketing professionals are increasing their investment in SEO this year. Speaking of which, we will also discuss how to measure content quality - making data the fundamental aspect that often remains abstract and even subjective. Ready to kickstart your Friday? Scroll down and join us.

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Marketers plan to increase investments into SEO this year, report finds

Erick Bernard

Growth Marketer

In the recent State of Marketing Report 2023, an astounding 88% of marketers said they are planning to increase or maintain their investments in SEO this year. We invite you to dive into why SEO is stealing the spotlight, get insights on Rock Content's approach (where we prioritize SEO and Inbound Marketing over other tactics, as well as why and how we do that) and, of course, AI in the SEO landscape. For the full scoop on these juicy topics, jump right into the full article. 
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In data we trust
88% of marketers are planning to increase or maintain their SEO investments this year, according to the 2023 State of Marketing Report.
For further tips on leveraging interviews in marketing, we encourage you to explore the 2023 State of Marketing Report.

Meta publishes report on the evolution of data privacy rules

Jessica Fontoura

Growth Marketer

Meta has released a report on the evolution of data privacy rules in digital environments. Produced in partnership with Deloitte, the study provides details on current demands and possible changes related to user privacy, as well as suggestions on how companies can prepare for the new data sharing and storage policies. The report also offers important insights into how to optimize data collection and use without losing the potential to expand your audience. Pretty complete, huh? We have selected details that are essential for any marketer, and will share them in this article.
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This Barbie is a marketing genius: Unveiling the new movie’s phenomenon

Vanessa Dias

Content Specialist

The Barbie movie is just a few days away from its official launch on July 21st, and its promotion has all the ingredients to add shine to your eyes. We’re talking about the clever utilization of one of the most recognizable brand colors worldwide, tons and tons of product partnerships, and even the use of AI and interactivity. As people say, “The devil works hard, but the Barbie movie marketing team works harder.”  And we can learn a lot from them. So, we invite you to join us on a visit to the Barbie world and take a closer look at the marketing behind the new movie. It’s a Barbie world — even the marketing one.
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Enhancing content quality: Rock Content’s process, achievements, and challenges

Iasmine Oliveira

SEO Specialist

We all know that content quality is a fundamental element in any SEO, inbound, and content marketing strategy in general. There's a lot of talk about how Google prioritizes "quality content" and even about how AI-generated content still lacks in this aspect. But how do we determine the quality of content? More specifically, how do we measure this parameter and bring data that proves one piece of content is of higher quality than another? This was a challenge we faced at Rock Content in the last quarter, and in this special article, we show you the step-by-step process of how we tackled it.
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