The Beat | June 9, 2023

Instagram’s CEO reveals how its algorithm work

Hold on to your hashtags because it's been a revealing week for social media. Both YouTube and Instagram have shared brand new information on how their algorithms work in their main features: feed, Reels, Stories, Shorts, and whatever else you might think about. We'll also dive into Twitter's actions against fake images after an AI-generated photo went viral, causing a lot of misinformation on the app. Ready? Grab your coffee and let's do this.

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Instagram shares new explainer on how its feed, Reels and Stories algorithms work

Kamila Dantas 

Partner Onboarding Analyst

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, has recently unveiled a new video and blog post providing insights into how the Instagram algorithm operates for Stories, Feeds, Reels, and Explore. This update is like the director's cut of the original 2021 video, packed with details on ranking, shadowbanning (yikes!), account status reviews, and pro tips for growing your Instagram audience. We gathered everything you need to delve into the details shared by the Instagram CEO himself in a straight to the point article, practical for brands and marketers.
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In Twitter's battle against fake AI-generated images, a new update in Community Notes aims to tackle the viral spread of fake images

Luciana Pio

Expert Analyst in Digital Marketing & SEO Audit

Twitter is taking a stand against the spread of fake images by expanding its crowdsourced fact-checking program to include visuals. The move comes after a recent incident where a fake image claiming to show an explosion near the Pentagon went viral. With the addition of image-specific context in the form of Community Notes, Twitter aims to provide users with valuable information that can counter potential misinformation.  In a related development, influential figures in the AI field, including OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, have once again voiced their worries about the risks associated with unregulated AI development. To delve deeper into the details of Twitter's new tool and the growing concerns surrounding Artificial Intelligence, read the full article. 
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‘Verified’ Twitter accounts share fake image of ‘explosion’ near Pentagon, causing confusion (source: CNN)

YouTube’s algorithm in 2023: What changes moving forward?

Alina Neves

Global Customer Experience Analyst

Not only Instagram’s CEO is sharing new valuable information about how it’s algorithm works. In a recent interview, Rene Ritchie, YouTube’s Creator Liaison, and Todd Beaupre, YouTube’s Growth and Discovery Lead, discussed in great depth the future of YouTube’s algorithm and its implications for creators in 2023. In this article, we’re going to untangle the interview, bringing the highlights and the principal information to be considered in your strategy moving forward. 
🛑Spoiler alert: the measures for 2023 emphasize the company’s commitment to supporting creators and artists on its platform. Let’s take a better look!
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Brand Architecture: What it is and how we do it at Rock Content

Will Gomes

Creative Designer 

Almost everyone knows that the iPhone, iMac, and iPad are part of Apple. Not everyone knows, however, that Oreo cookies and Milka chocolate are also part of the same family. Well, the concept of brand architecture plays a crucial role in organizing and structuring these diverse offerings under one brand umbrella. Here at Rock Content, developing this has been equally challenging and exciting. We started as a single brand, acquired companies and services (like Ion and WriterAccess), and ware constantly working on initiatives like the Jam Session webinar series and even our own newsletter, The Beat. How do we make all of this fit under our umbrella? In this article, our designer revealed the behind-the-scenes of Rock Content and analyzed other companies to present what matters most about brand architecture, along with insights for you to implement in your brand. Let’s go!
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