May 5, 2023

Twitter is forcing Twitter Blue down advertisers' throats

What's going on with social media this week, huh? Twitter is literally forcing brands that want to advertise on the app to have the much-talked-about blue verified badge. Meanwhile, BeReal decided it was time to let users see not only "real moments" from friends, but famous people as well. Will the new feature be enough to get the app back on the growth track? We're also talking about how a virtual event company grew their CTR by 25% using content marketing, with insights for you to replicate with your brand, and why you don't need to be afraid of The Terminator. No spoilers, scroll down and enjoy reading!

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Twitter Blue is now mandatory to run ads on the platform. How does this impact brands?

Alina Neves

Global Customer Experience Analyst

It looks like Elon Musk is flexing his muscles and trying to up Twitter's subscription revenue by forcing all advertisers to sign up for either Twitter Blue or Verification for Organizations. In simple terms, this means that if brands want to run ads on the platform, they'll have to cough up $8 per month for a blue tick or $1,000 per month for Verification for Organizations. Twitter has made it clear that all advertisers need to pay for verification to keep their ads running. Wondering what this means for Twitter's future and how it will impact marketing on the platform? Check out the full article!
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From friends to famous: BeReal's new feature brings a different feed to follow celebrities

Kamila Dantas

Partner Onboarding Analyst

BeReal, the app that was a hit last summer, is now adding a new feature called RealPeople, which will feature a timeline of famous individuals from all around the world. This might seem like a shift in focus from the app's original purpose of sharing daily photos with friends, but the app says the supposed idea is to humanize celebrities and show they're just like us. However, some users and analysts have noticed a decrease in the app's popularity due to a lack of meaningful new features. This might explain why BeReal is introducing this new feature as an attempt to generate excitement from a business and marketing perspective. We have a full content analyzing these recent changes on BeReal, from a business and marketing aspect.
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How 6Connex doubled their traffic and increased their CTR by 25% in just one year through Content Marketing

Raphael Pires

Digital Marketer

6Connex, a virtual event platform, managed to boost their traffic and increase their click-through rate (CTR) by 25% in just one year thanks to a killer content marketing strategy. By integrating long-form blog posts into their plan, they were able to rank first for metaverse-related and other vital keywords for the business. This case study provides a great example of how effective content marketing can be for businesses looking to increase their online presence and visibility. Want to know more details and apply some tactics to your brand? Check out the full story.
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Spoiler alert: AI is not ‘The Terminator.’ Humans will still lead content creation

Pedro Lopes

Growth Marketer

Hasta la vista… humans? Much debate has sparked nowadays about the potential dangers of generative AI, sometimes sounding as if these technologies are going to take over, just like Skynet in the movie franchise “The Terminator.” But that’s far from the truth. In this beautiful piece, we explained how we can actually leverage AI to enhance our productivity and gain some time to expand our human creativity. Say goodbye to your fears of a Terminator-like takeover.
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Quote of the week

“If you haven’t done the diagnosis, you don’t know what effective is”.

Matt Holt

Digitas' chief strategy officer for Marketing Week

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