The Beat | April 7, 2023

Should we hit pause on AI developments?

As marketers, we know the impact of AI in our field is growing every day. That's why we want to open this issue by discussing the open letter signed by almost 6,000 AI experts and tech leaders, calling for a 6-month break on AI experiments. We know this is a controversial topic, and we invite you to reflect on it with us. And that's not all—we've got updates on Twitter's recommendation algorithm, and new features on TikTok, Google, and Meta ads. So, grab your favorite drink and keep scrolling to get your morning dose of The Beat.

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Tech leaders ask for a pause on big AI projects. Should the world listen?

Luciana Pio

Expert Analyst in Digital Marketing

With AI becoming increasingly powerful and prevalent, concerns about its impact on society are growing. Just last week, a group of almost 6,000 AI experts and tech leaders (including some big names like Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak) signed an open letter calling for a 6-month break on AI experiments. As expected, this generated controversy as some experts disagree with the call, arguing that AI has many benefits in fields like healthcare and education. There is agreement, however, that more regulation and precautions are needed to ensure AI is developed safely and ethically. In this article, we invite you to reflect on this topic and explore the different perspectives involved.
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Twitter open-sources its recommendation algorithm: What does the code reveal?

Vanessa Dias

Content Specialist

Twitter has followed through on its promise and made its recommendation algorithm code available on GitHub, revealing how tweets are ranked. While there is a lot of information and buzz surrounding this topic, when explored correctly, this document can be a great resource for marketers and creators who want to improve their performance on the blue-bird social channel. To help you with that, we’ve gathered the key information you need to know about maximizing your reach. It's all in our full article!
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Despite an uncertain U.S. future, TikTok launches new ‘Effect House Branded Effects’ for brands

Alina Neves

Global Customer Experience Analyst

TikTok recently introduced Branded Effects, a new feature aimed at businesses marketing on the app. Essentially, it allows brands to team up with TikTok effect creators and create custom AR experiences and interactive features that can be used in their campaigns. But what's even more interesting is that this launch comes amid the threat of a potential TikTok ban in the U.S., leaving advertisers worried about where to shift their marketing efforts if the app is no longer available. If you want to know more about the new feature's possibilities for brands and marketers, as well as its strategic implications in the context of TikTok's uncertain future, make sure to read our full article.
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Google and Meta announce new updates and features to enhance advertising

Guilherme Rezende

Growth Analyst 

Google and Meta recently announced updates and new features for advertising. Google's Ads Editor version 2.3 offers features to help advertisers manage their campaigns more efficiently, while Meta is testing two new ad types: Managed Partner Ads and Local Inventory Promotions. These updates provide marketers with more opportunities to personalize their ads and target their audience more effectively. To learn more about how marketers can take advantage of these updates, check out the full article!
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“Marketing is hard precisely because it embraces many things at once.” 

Helen Edwards

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