The Beat | March 17, 2023

Spotify goes TikTok-style and beyond music

Spotify has been investing in audiobooks, podcasts, videos, and even games for a while. Now, the (music?) app has made a big move and gathered all that together into a brand new homescreen that looks a lot like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube feeds. Like all big changes, users are divided in their opinions. Also, Google Ads simplifies audience creation with GA4, tips for global branding, and a report from WSJ that reveals customers seeking revenge for bad experiences from brands. Join us for a quick sip of the latest news.

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Hello there. If you're a regular reader of The Beat, you might be wondering why you don't see Vitor Peçanha's familiar brown beard and mustache around here today. Well, let me introduce myself: I'm Giuseppe Caltabiano (but please, call me Giu), the VP of Marketing at Rock Content. Starting today, I'll be here every Friday to provide you with quick insights on the main topics of each issue. I'm excited to be here, but don't let me keep you from reading this week's edition any longer. Scroll down and enjoy the read.
Giuseppe Caltabiano
VP of Marketing at Rock Content 
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Spotify's redesigned homescreen takes inspiration from social media giants and points to more than just music

Cecília Cury

Growth Marketer

Spotify is undergoing a major redesign to its app's core homescreen, ditching album covers for a TikTok/Instagram-style vertical feed. The redesign will make it easier for users to find new content like podcasts, audiobooks, and live audio, which Spotify has been heavily investing into in recent years. However, opinions are divided, with some users wishing for simplicity, and others applauding the investment in engagement. Our experts offer insights on the strategy behind the changes and the impact on marketers and brand owners. Read on for the full scoop!
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Google Ads streamlines audience creation with direct access to GA4 Audience Builder

Guilherme Rezende 

Marketing Analyst | Growth Global

Google has introduced a new feature that will make it easier for advertisers to create and activate campaign audiences in Google Ads. The update lets you access the GA4 audience builder directly in the Google Ads UI, simplifying the audience creation process. This means you can create and apply GA4 audiences to your campaigns without leaving the platform. The feature will roll out in the coming months, so stay tuned. If you're curious to learn more about how it works and how to make the most of it, check out the full article.
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9 major insights from the 2023 Global Marketing Playbook

Erick Bernard

Digital Marketing Analyst | North America

Does your company have plans to go global? Creating marketing strategies for that is not an easy task, since it requires a lot of research, planning, localization and branding. To help you with that, Rock Content joined forces with Hubspot and Lokalise and launched the 2023 Global Marketing Playbook, a full guide to help professionals and companies create strategies to go global. We went through the whole guide and brought 9 major insights related to chapters in the ebook. Ready for some mind blowing inputs?
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Research shows more people are seeking ‘revenge’ against companies due to poor Customer Service

Pedro Miranda

Partner Success Team Leader

Customer dissatisfaction is becoming increasingly common, with some even seeking revenge against companies, according to a report presented in the Wall Street Journal. Factors contributing to this trend include declining product and service quality, short-term financial focus, greater consumer rights awareness, stricter regulations, and the impact of social media. To prevent this, companies must prioritize customer experience and service. For more information on the importance of customer satisfaction and how to prevent consumer anger, be sure to check the full article.
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Quote of the week
“Frankly speaking, beyond the headlines, the entities that will win out the AI race are the companies that successfully convert these technologies and make them digestible.”

Chirag Dekate,

VP Analyst at Gartner for Digiday.

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