The Beat | March 10, 2023

Tick-Tock: is a US ban on the horizon for TikTok?

TikTok's US ban looms. With data collection and misuse concerns due to its Chinese ownership, the app faces bans in Canada, Europe, and 30 US states. The future is still blurry, but it’s safe to say that a complete ban will result in significant losses for both the platform and its fans. So, what's next? In this edition of The Beat, we cover everything you need to know about TikTok's uncertain future and its potential impact on your brand. Plus, we explore YouTube's priorities for 2023, LinkedIn's AI-powered articles, and the latest on social media verification. So, grab your favorite beverage and let's dive into the latest news!

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A TikTok ban in the US is getting closer. But will it really happen?

Kamila Dantas

Partner Onboarding Analyst

Looks like TikTok might be on its way out in the US, as the House Foreign Affairs Committee gave the green light to a bill that would allow President Biden to ban the app altogether. Why? Concerns over data collection and potential misuse, as the app is owned by a Chinese company. The situation has led to bans across Europe, Canada, and 30 US states. While the White House has already banned TikTok on government-owned devices, a total ban would be a big loss for both the company and its fans. It's unclear what the future holds, but the possibility of an agreement that separates user data or a sale to a US company are being considered. Read the full article for all the juicy details and private interests involved.
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Paid verification on social media is becoming more accessible. What can you expect from it moving forward?

Alina Neves

Global Customer Experience Analyst

Verified social media accounts used to be a way to confirm the authenticity of famous business accounts and public figures. But things have changed with the introduction of subscription-based models for verification. For instance, Twitter has Twitter Blue, a premium service that lets users buy a blue checkmark for $8 per month. Meta also has Meta Verified, which is currently being tested for Facebook and Instagram, and starts at $11.99 per month. This shift towards subscription-based verification is the start of a new era for social media and is expected to continue—and your brand needs to follow the coming chapters closely. We brought all the information you need in this article.
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YouTube in 2023: What are the plans for the platform and creators?

Raphael Pires

Digital Marketing Analyst

YouTube's new CEO, Neal Mohan, just announced what the platform will be focusing on in 2023: making things better for creators, brands, and artists. That means helping them make more money, giving viewers a better experience, and keeping the site safe. They're planning on adding subscriptions, improving the shopping experience, and making Shorts, podcasts, and multi-language audio even better. Wondering how all of this will affect your brand? Check out the full article to find out!
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Here’s a spoiler of YouTube priorities for 2023:
  1. Improving the platform for creators and artists by prioritizing their needs.
  2. Making it easier for creators to make money and offering viewers a better experience.
  3. Investing in policies to protect the platform from real-world harm.
  4. Exploring the use of AI to raise video production values and create stunning and filmic settings for videos.
  5. Improving shopping features, and enhancing Shorts, podcasts, and multi-language audio.
Do you want to know more details about it, and more importantly, how to take advantage for your brand strategies? Then make sure to read our insights in the full article.
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