The Beat | February 10, 2023

Google’s Bard, explained

Google has just unleashed its brand-new AI tool, Bard. The idea is simple - just "Google" your query and receive an instant response from a chatbot. Although it's still in its first steps, there have been a few mistakes in the early tests, indicating that there's still a long way to go before chatbot searches become a reliable reality. We've gathered everything we know so far on the topic. And don't forget about the Super Bowl! We have a list of the top trends and advertisements to watch out for. Join us on The Beat for all the latest updates!

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Bing, Google, and the race for AI. Who knows what the future of online searches will be like? Well, you know you can rely on The Beat to keep you updated every step of the way.
Vitor Peçanha
Co-founder of Rock Content.
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Bard, Google’s future AI-Powered Search: what it means for marketers and brands

Raphael Pires

Digital Marketing Analyst 

Approximately three months after the ChatGPT craze and days after Microsoft confirmed a $10 billion investment in OpenAI, Google unveiled its own AI tool, named Bard. The concept is that by "Googling," you'll receive a response from a chatbot. This could shake up the internet's primary search tool, although its early rollout wasn't seamless and caused Google to lose $100 billion in market value in a single day. So, what can we expect from Bard? We'll share all the information we have so far, and shed some light on how it will impact marketers, brands, and SEO.
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Super Bowl 2023: the ad blitz is coming! Here’s our list on the hottest trends

Vanessa Dias

Content Specialist

The Super Bowl: the global phenomenon that needs no introduction. With millions upon millions tuning in each year, it's no surprise that corporations and brands scramble to secure coveted ad spots during the big game. The ultimate advertising extravaganza, the Super Bowl is a high-stakes, high-reward spectacle that calls for big-time creativity and strategic thinking. In this article, we'll dive into the thrilling world of Super Bowl marketing, exploring the latest trends and predictions for this year's must-see commercials. So grab your chips and dip, sit back, and get ready to be dazzled by the ultimate showdown of advertising brilliance.
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Yandex leaked ranking factors: are there good insights for SEO professionals?

Diana Martins

SEO Planner

Recently, Yandex, the Russian search engine built as a “clone” of Google by its former employees, suffered a data leak where 1,922 ranking factors were revealed. Although they also have many differences, Google and Yandex searches have a similarity in 70% of the results. For SEO professionals, it’s a big event, since to understand how some algorithms actually work goes far beyond basic information like “make humanized content”. See which ones can actually be useful in your day to day work and use them to your advantage.
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We want to know

The Yandex data leak has sparked a lot of discussion among the SEO community. While some believe that the leaked ranking factors will provide valuable insights for professionals, others believe it may not be as useful. If you're looking to gain an in-depth understanding of what the data leak means for SEO professionals, be sure to check out our article.


Elon Musk wants Twitter to become a payment platform

Alina Neves

Global Customer Experience Analyst

Elon Musk's Twitter is reportedly working on becoming a payment platform. According to the Financial Times, Musk wants users to be able to buy stuff and send money to each other on the app. As part of a plan to make Twitter more functional, like China's WeChat, which is used for everything from ordering groceries to paying bills. Check out our article for thoughts on what this could mean for brands and companies on the app.
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Instagram co-founders announce Artifact, an AI-Driven news aggregation app

Kamila Dantas

Partner Onboarding Analyst

More than four years after departing from Instagram, the co-founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, are making their return to the market with the launch of a new app called Artifact. The app aims to create a personalized feed filled with articles selected from diverse sources, including major newspapers like The New York Times and content from small creators in various niches. Its goal is to become a kind of "TikTok for text." But how will it work? And what opportunities does it offer for marketers? These questions and more will be explored in this article.
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“Short-term campaigns don’t build a brand, because they are too good at product-based activation.”

Mark Ritson for Marketing Week

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