The Beat | January 20, 2023

AI for Retailers and Core Web Vitals 2023 priorities

Yup, artificial intelligence is here to stay. This week, we're diving into the world of AI-powered retail with a closer look at Google Cloud's latest features. Plus, we're breaking down Google's recommendations for optimizing Core Web Vitals in 2023 for better SEO and user experience. And with the economy in a stormy state, we're sharing tips on how to navigate the waves of a recession and keep your brand afloat. Are you ready for that and much more?

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Vitor Peçanha
Co-founder of Rock Content.
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Google Cloud launched new features based on AI and machine learning as enablers of retail websites

Luciana Pio

Expert Analyst in Digital Marketing

Get ready for a revolution in e-commerce. Google Cloud is unleashing the power of AI and machine learning with their new "Discovery AI for retail" features. These tools are designed to elevate the browsing experience within e-commerce sites by offering more personalized search results and Google recommendations. It's not just about the SERP anymore, it's about enhancing the entire online shopping experience. Want to know more? We've got all the details.
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Core Web Vitals: Google shares which factors should be a priority in 2023

Bruna Dourado

Growth Marketer

Google has recently shared recommendations for optimizing Core Web Vitals in 2023. Speed, visual stability, and interactivity are key factors to improve SEO. These elements can guide a series of changes to improve the performance of sites. However, it's important to understand which ones have the most impact and should be prioritized among the possibilities. Dive into our article to learn more about Google's suggestions for improving your website's performance.
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Well, according to Google itself, it seems that all these factors will be extremely crucial for a positive user experience (and SEO) this year. To learn more about optimizing the performance of Core Web Vitals in 2023, read our recent blog post.

Navigating the storm: how brands can thrive in a recession [new data about consumer spending]

Vanessa Dias

Content Specialist

Riding the waves of a recession can be tough, but it's not impossible. Brands must adapt by getting creative, focusing on necessities, and creating opportunities for bargain hunters to reinforce brand loyalty. We took a look at some recent data on consumer spending habits to provide you insights on how to stay afloat in times like these. Click the link to read more and stay ahead of the game. 
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purchased less and paid more attention to spending


will decrease their home budget


budget will remain the same 


budget will increase
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“There is a simultaneous pressure to both stay the course and completely change everything.”

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