The Beat #100 | July 19th, 2024

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Reddit grows on search results and gain trust among younger generations

Larissa Mendes

SEO Specialist

Reddit has been gaining popularity since early 2024, especially in Google search results, following a $60 million deal between the two companies. A recent survey shows not only significant organic growth on Reddit but also an increase in trust and the likelihood of purchasing products recommended there, particularly among Generation Z. Should you and your brand consider being on Reddit? We have all the information you need to answer that question in the full article.
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An ever-growing platform
⭐ Reddit has 1.2 billion unique monthly visitors
⭐ The platform has seen a 39% increase in traffic since partnering with Google
⭐ Gen Z trusts Reddit as a product research source, even more than Google
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100 editions of The Beat: Behind the scenes of our interactive marketing newsletter

Vanessa Dias

Content Specialist

So here we are. Two years after our first publication, we present the 100th edition of The Beat. We don't know how long you've been following us, but it’s safe to say we’ve learned a thing or two about corporate newsletters along the way. To celebrate this milestone, we’re pulling back the curtain on The Beat to reveal all the details of our newsletter, from our production process to the numbers we've achieved over the years, along with strategic tips you can apply to your own brand’s newsletter. Join us, won’t you?
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Social Media

Instagram is testing unskippable ads

Once again, Instagram is drawing inspiration from another social platform. This time, Meta’s network is testing unskippable ads, or "ad breaks," as they are being called. According to an Instagram spokesperson, the platform is always testing new formats that can generate value for advertisers, and this new strategy is a clear example of that. We covered the topic on our Instagram (no unskippable ads, we promise!). Take a look.
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From Meta to Cara: Where artists reclaim their creative freedom

Iasmine Oliveira

Content Marketing Analyst | SEO Specialist

The recent news that Meta is using our public posts to train their AI models has left many of us with an unsettling feeling, especially artists. It's not because they think AI will replace them, but because they might be afraid of two main things: a) AI stealing their intellectual property to generate artwork, and b) people not recognizing the value and originality of their work. Driven by these concerns, many artists have decided to ditch Instagram and migrate to a new social media platform named "Cara." In this post, we’ll answer most of your questions about it. Dive in!
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