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Interactive Content?

In this webinar series, we share best practices for launching a successful interactive content campaign. This video webinar series includes tips on how to use your static content to create new interactive experiences, how to weave interactive into your content strategy, how to build a rockstar interactive team, and so much more!


Each video includes tips, best practices, and guidance based on years of testing and creating interactive content for our marketing campaigns and our customers. 

 Stephanie Mansueto

 Head of Content


Laura Pound

Supervisor, Global
Customer Experience


An Introduction to Interactive Content

Join Stephanie Mansueto and Laura Pound as they discuss interactive content and how it can be used to engage users, educate them in a more immersive way than traditional static content, and provide marketers with valuable insights about their users via a digital dialogue that often happens before a meeting.

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How to Turn Static Content into Interactive Content Experiences

Join Stephanie Mansueto and Laura Pound as they take you through five static assets (blog posts, PDFs, and others) and show you how to pinpoint what can be repurposed into something interactive. They will discuss common challenges marketers face with reimagining their static content and how to overcome them.

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How to Add Interactive Content to Your Existing Content Strategy

In this webinar, Stephanie Mansueto and Laura Pound will teach you how to balance your strategy in order to achieve the best possible results between static and interactive content. They will cover what interactive content formats are best for each stage of the funnel; how to scan your static content and find interactive content opportunities; and much more!

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How to Capture Usable Data with Your Interactive Content Experiences

As marketers, we are always aiming to capture data about our users. But how much of the data we collect about our users actually useful and meaningful content? Join Stephanie Mansueto, Rock Content's Head of Content, and Laura Pound for a discussion on what meaningful and useful data actually is.

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How to Create a Rockstar Interactive Content Team

Are you just getting started building interactive content and not sure what resources you will need? In this Jam Session, our Head of Content, Stephanie Mansueto will dive into the roles and skills needed to build a rockstar interactive content team.

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