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new Rocker!

Welcome to Rock Content! We are sure that you will have wonderful experiences, meet extraordinary people and find different ways to develop. After all, our mission here at Rock is to Enable Growth Opportunities.


This page was created to support you through your first moments as a Rocker. Here you’ll find support and the basic information to start your journey.


So, let's go!

Rockers you’ll meet on your first day

On your first day as a Rocker you will be received by the People team. They are the ones who will introduce you to the Rock Content universe.


After this first moment, you will be introduced to your leader and your mentor. These are the two most important figures during your integration process, guiding and following you closely during your first 6 months.

What we expect from you?

On your first day:

  • Be vocal: Anytime you need, ask for help.
  • Participate in all the events proposed on the calendar, write down doubts and ask questions.
  • Don't worry about memorizing everything that was presented. That's a lot of information and it's natural that you'll need to revisit content later.

During the next 6 months:

  • Be proactive: that’s the key to the extra mile at Rock.  
  • Be close to your leader and mentor. Ask them questions, seek to learn from their experience.
  • Try to get to know other Rockers and teams as well.
  • Continue to deepen your knowledge of Rock.
  • Participate and respond to feedback forms (we'll talk more about them later!).
  • Take it easy: We know that you have a lot to learn.
  • Always count on the support of the People & Operations team!

First Day - Calendar

We imagine that you are quite anxious to start your journey on Rock right away. Check the calendar of your first day to ease your anxiety. Invitations to the events will be sent to your personal email. Stay tuned!


Note: The times are following the Brazilian time zone.




Welcome with Leader and Mentor


Rock Content Culture


Social Impact and DEI


Rock University Internal


Meeting point with P. Department Team Only for Brazilians contracted CLT

English VersionPortuguese Version
English VersionPortuguese Version

Getting your access

We’re sharing a video that has all the guidelines about accessing corporate email and creating your access to Rock's notebook so you can understand what to do on your day 01. Watch the video and stay tuned to your email box so you don't miss the activation deadline for each of the links.

If you already have your Rock's laptop in hand, you can use the password Rock270522@@ to access the Admin.jump profile (YOU'LL NEED INTERNET ACCESS TO DO IT). After logging in, proceed with the rest of the steps in the video, starting with your JumpCloud setup to enable access to IT support and to change your laptops' password to one of your liking (the password will be the one you set on JumpCloud login)

With your account you’ll be able to access all the tools. 


Here are some emails you can use to request support at any time you need. Please also feel free to email if what you need to know is not suggested in the options.


If you have questions regarding your hiring process, send an email to the Talent Acquisition analyst who guided you until here.


If you need help with your work equipment, send an email to


If you need help to access your email or our platforms and channels, send an email to 


If you have questions on your integration process, send an email to


If you need help with hiring documents, platforms for filling in personal data or something related to the bureaucratic part of your hiring, send an email to

A warm welcome and many good wishes for being part of our growing team.

Congratulations on behalf of all People & Operations members.


We are all happy and excited about your arrival and the contributions you will make to Rock. We've really been waiting for you!

Now it's time to shine! Let's do this!