The Monthly Beat | April 7, 2023

Every possible AI, everywhere, all at once. Review of March's key happenings and trends

Every AI everywhere all at once. Review of March's key happenings and trends

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Giuseppe Caltabiano
VP of Marketing at Rock Content 
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Google and OpenAI launch new features for their AI tools. What will happen going forward?

Kamila Dantas

Partner Onboarding Analyst

AI is booming more than ever and several companies and market giants are in the race – for gold – to show themselves as a leader in AI. Both Google and OpenAI – the company behind the famous ChatGPT– released new AI updates to their products earlier this month, with Google announcing a set of generative AI in its various tools such as Gmail and Google Docs, and OpenAI releasing its long-awaited GPT-4. Plus, both companies have also opened their APIs for integrating tools with third-party applications, making AI accessible to everyone. If you're interested in learning more about AI and what it can do for you, read the full article for all the details.
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AI Efficiency, Human Creativity: How can AI help us write better content?

Giuseppe Caltabiano

VP of Marketing

AI technology has the potential to revolutionize the way writers create and publish content. But let's face it, AI-generated content lacks that human touch and originality. Editing and fact-checking are still crucial, and AI content generators just can't write about controversial topics. However, that doesn't mean writers should avoid AI entirely. It can be a fantastic tool for productivity and idea generation. The challenge is to find the right balance and make the most of AI efficiency, plus human creativity. In our VP of Marketing's special column, we delve deeper into the topic and share some valuable insights. Check it out!
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AI can be a powerful tool for creating and publishing content, but it can also raise questions about authenticity and fact-checking. This was highlighted by the recent buzz surrounding an AI-generated image of the Pope. While AI can be a valuable ally for generating ideas and increasing productivity, human creativity is still essential for producing authentic and valuable content. To learn more about how AI can help us write better content, check out our full article.

LinkedIn announces new tools to increase visibility and reach for businesses

Raphael Pires

Digital Marketer

LinkedIn has unveiled a suite of new tools to help businesses enhance their online presence and expand their reach. These tools offer features such as SEO optimization to enhance your content, the ability to select preferred content types for prominent placement in users' feeds, and the option to schedule newsletters directly on the platform. According to LinkedIn, these tools are specifically designed to help you create more compelling, easily discoverable content that engages with your audience. In this article, we'll take a closer look at these tools and explore how they can benefit your business.
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YouTube in 2023: What are the plans for the platform and creators?

Raphael Pires

Digital Marketing Analyst

YouTube's new CEO, Neal Mohan, just announced what the platform will be focusing on in 2023: making things better for creators, brands, and artists. That means helping them make more money, giving viewers a better experience, and keeping the site safe. They're planning on adding subscriptions, improving the shopping experience, and making Shorts, podcasts, and multi-language audio even better. Wondering how all of this will affect your brand? Check out the full article to find out!
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Here’s a spoiler of YouTube priorities for 2023:
  1. Improving the platform for creators and artists by prioritizing their needs.
  2. Making it easier for creators to make money and offering viewers a better experience.
  3. Investing in policies to protect the platform from real-world harm.
  4. Exploring the use of AI to raise video production values and create stunning and filmic settings for videos.
  5. Improving shopping features, and enhancing Shorts, podcasts, and multi-language audio.
Do you want to know more details about it, and more importantly, how to take advantage for your brand strategies? Then make sure to read our insights in the full article.

Spotify goes TikTok-style and beyond music in its new redesigned homescreen 

Cecília Cury

Growth Marketer

Spotify is undergoing a major redesign to its app's core homescreen, ditching album covers for a TikTok/Instagram-style vertical feed. The redesign will make it easier for users to find new content like podcasts, audiobooks, and live audio, which Spotify has been heavily investing into in recent years. However, opinions are divided, with some users wishing for simplicity, and others applauding the investment in engagement. Our experts offer insights on the strategy behind the changes and the impact on marketers and brand owners. Read on for the full scoop!
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9 major insights from the 2023 Global Marketing Playbook

Erick Bernard

Digital Marketing Analyst

Does your company have plans to go global? Creating marketing strategies for that is not an easy task, since it requires a lot of research, planning, localization and branding. To help you with that, Rock Content joined forces with Hubspot and Lokalise and launched the 2023 Global Marketing Playbook, a full guide to help professionals and companies create strategies to go global. We went through the whole guide and brought 9 major insights related to chapters in the ebook. Ready for some mind blowing inputs?
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