The Monthly Beat | February 3, 2022

With AI, is there a future for marketers? Review of January's key trends and insights

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Vitor Peçanha
Co-founder of Rock Content.
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The AI paradox: the impact of ChatGPT on Content Marketing

Diego Gomes
Rock Content’s CEO
The launch of ChatGPT has sparked a lot of conversations about the future of AI and its impact on content marketing. Truth be told: some marketers are simply loving the idea of having a bot doing all the creative tasks (is it, though?) while others are just terrified about the thought of the human workforce losing its value. However, there is a unique paradox at play - AI can both standardize content and make truly handmade content even more… valuable. You read it right. In our recent column, our CEO Diego Gomes provides thought-provoking insights on this topic. Don't miss the opportunity to read his perspective.
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LinkedIn announces 7 updates coming this year

Bruna Dourado

Growth Marketer

LinkedIn has announced the launch of seven new features, including video accessibility, standard accessibility positions, and improved job search. These updates can benefit your brand in many ways, like enhanced analytics for content creators, and the ability to schedule posts. Get the scoop on these exciting new features and how they can enhance your LinkedIn game. Check out the full article!
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Possible TikTok Ban in the US: what does this mean for marketers?

Raphael Pires

Digital Marketer

TikTok, the popular short-form video app, is facing a potential ban in the United States. With accusations of spying on US journalists and links to the Chinese Communist Party, the app is currently under investigation and banned on government-issued phones across 19 states. In our full article, we discuss the testimony given by TikTok's COO, the potential data deal with the Justice Department, and the potential consequences of a US ban.
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Core Web Vitals: Google shares which factors should be a priority in 2023

Bruna Dourado

Growth Marketer

Google has recently shared recommendations for optimizing Core Web Vitals in 2023. Speed, visual stability, and interactivity are key factors to improve SEO. These elements can guide a series of changes to improve the performance of sites. However, it's important to understand which ones have the most impact and should be prioritized among the possibilities. Dive into our article to learn more about Google's suggestions for improving your website's performance.
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Unveiling Insights: our first experiences with Google Analytics 4

Fernanda Donnini

Product Marketing Manager

Google Analytics 4 is coming. Whether you're prepared or not, GA4 is an increasingly close reality. At Rock Content, we've been playing around with the tool and adapting our processes to ensure we're ready for when GA4 hits the market. In this article, we share our experience with GA4 - from how we're adjusting to new features and changes to things we liked and missed about GA4 compared to UA (Universal Analytics). If you're a marketer, this is definitely something you'll want to read about.
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