Hey, I'm Marcus!

I'm a customer support analyst at Rock Content!

Let's find out a little bit about myself?

Working Experience!

My background is based on a customer support role, I used to work on a telecommunications company, supporting customer network connectivity between their headquarters and the branches. I've 7 years of experience within this role.

Where did I work?

Who did I support?

Which countries?

I'm married, but not married. I live with my fiancee who also works at Rock as a Project Manager. Her name is Dominique! We have a big lovely dog, his name is Camus and he is an Akita. He's almost my size lol.

This is Dominique!

This is Camus!

See this beautiful star over there? Well, this is the world's most beautiful club badge, my club from the beginning till the end. Botafogo!

Some fun facts about me!

I'm addicted to soccer and video games, so if I'm not working, probably I'll be watching a soccer match or playing games. I'm a fanatic supporter of Botafogo and Liverpool. I mean, a fanatic for real! I may postpone any appointment if needed to watch them play.

A bit more about my hobbies!

I play DSA on my phone.

Also, I'm one of the leaders in my DSA guild, even though I'm bald, my nickname is Maui and everyone calls me that in the DSA chats lol.

And I play FIFA on my PC.

I've been playing FIFA since 2013 and since then I've been discovering the future star players like Alphonso Davies for example.


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