How Mature is Your Marketing Stack?

Marketing teams face many challenges when developing their marketing strategies. Fortunately, technology can help marketers execute, automate, analyze, and approve their campaigns for ultimate scalability. If your team is feeling a gap in your marketing strategy, it is likely due to a gap in your tech stack.


Answer six quick questions to gauge the maturity of your marketing stack and to receive a customized report of technology recommendations that will improve your marketing stack.

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Collaboration is essential to any marketing team's success. Technology can help marketers stay connected, regardless of their physical distance or skills.
How would you describe your marketing team's use of technology to fuel collaboration?
Creating content can be a time consuming process for most marketers, whether it is in the written form or visual. Technology can make creation easier by allowing teams to collaborate and scale their production needs when necessary.
How would you describe your marketing team's use of technology when it comes to ideation and creation of content?
Building brand awareness is a tiny step toward customer acquisition. Marketers often use technology to help drive genuine traffic to their site.
How would you describe your marketing teams use of technology to attract visitors to your content?
Building a high quality, engaging experience for your visitors. The better experience a customer has with your business and your content, the more likely they are to purchase your services again. Content experiences can help support the customers overall experience with your brand.
Which of these challenges does your company face with creating a high-quality content experience for your audience?
Once a piece of content is "live" its work is far from done! Analyzing and optimizing content to increase performance is an essential part of every content strategy.
How does your company use technology to analyze the success of your content and optimize it when necessary?

Most if not all members of the marketing team have KPIs that are directly tied to customer acquisition. Technology helps capture high-quality data and optimize strategies as needed.

When it comes to acquiring new customers, what challenges does your marketing team face?