Create beautiful campaigns that get results

Email and landing page creation for enterprise marketing teams - in minutes. No coding required.

Dynamic Content

Unlock the benefits of Velocity scripting without having to write any code.

Do more with your segments

  • Simplify use of conditional logic so you can send different emails based on criteria like usage, age, or currency all in Knak without having to code manually in Marketo.
  • Flexibility to combine segments so you can send more tailored emails right away instead of waiting for it to be coded in Marketo. For instance you could combine region and occupation (American Dentists) or persona and industry (CEO and Tech).

Deliver a more engaging customer experience

  • Eliminate bottlenecks and decrease costs by reducing reliance on technical resources.
  • Send more emails that perform better by scaling personalization to not just a few, but every single email from your brand.
  • Mitigate risk with limited access to Marketo by using Knak's user permissions to control who can build, edit, and use dynamic content segments.
Email personalization made easy
  • Create sophisticated personalized emails directly in Knak without the need to switch tools or fiddle with dynamic elements in Marketo.
  • Preview your emails to see exactly which elements are dynamic — and how they'll appear to each recipient.
  • Empower every marketer to safely and effectively send personalized emails without having to know velocity script.

Why marketing teams love Knak


faster speed to market


to create an email*

 *On average, for enterprise customers


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Not using Marketo?

You can still enhance your customers’ experiences through personalization using merge tags and seamless integrations with Live Content and Movable Ink.