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Deliver valuable information through live experiences with content your audience will remember.

Boost your digital events
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We are living in an age of content experiences.
A seamless integration of interactive content and digital events will help you attract, convert and retain your target audiences.
  • Encourage genuine attendee participation with trending topics, opinion sharing, user generated content and all the tools they need to be an active participant
  • Create a content hub to retain attendee interest, gather feedback data and strengthen the bond between customers and your brand
  • Engage event attendees with conversations in real-time
  • Engage your audience before they gather creating excitement about the event and the value they will receive
  • Identify high value prospects, forge genuine connections and boost the ROI of your events with pre, during and post-live content solutions
  • Create lasting memories and cement brand loyalty with post-event resources, forums and highlights
Ensure your digital event is effective as a marketing channel by utilizing technology that allows for more types of interactions.

Substitute in-person with interactive digital events to drive higher attendance, increase attendee engagement, and track real-time event insights.

With Ion, our interactive content platform, and Live, our live reporting and social engagement platform, marketers can produce high-quality events in every step of the journey: event content, audience participation, pre-event activities, live digital experience and post-event strategy.