Next-gen Landing Pages

The Reasons Why Interactive Perform Better Than Static Content

As powerful as landing pages primarily were at translating web traffic into leads and revenues, they turned out to represent a quite static, conventional type of page. These classic formats can generate results, but their efficiency is limited.


Interactive content can enhance digital experiences. From home pages, to deep links in landing pages, when it comes to conversion-oriented landing pages, interactive content is definitely a game-changer.


In this playbook, we’ll walk you through the reasons why interactivity takes Landing Page performance to outstanding levels.

Real dialogues lead to more engaged users

Interactive elements can boost engagement by more than 50%. *CMI

Overcoming the syndrome of copy overload to sell more

91% of buyers prefer more interactive/visual content that can be accessed on demand. * CMI

Scalability + Personalization = Conversion Efficiency

Websites with 40 or more landing pages generate 12x more leads * HubSpot

How to Use a Landing Page to
Show the Content's Value

A landing page in digital marketing is used for the purpose of generating conversions. Below are some tips on how to leverage your landing page in order to effectively generate higher lead conversions.


Create Engagement with Quiz Qestions

Use the power of interactivity to create a quiz question for your user. It not only increases engagement on your landing page, but can also be used in conversation during sales calls based on the user's answer.


Create a Seamless Journey for Visitors

Does the landing page title match the content that drove the user to this page? Design, imagery, and copy should match from one page to the next. Deliver on the user's expectation by keeping the journey from their original destination to the landing page seamless. 


Use the Power of Illustrative Images and Animations

Generate interest through illustrative images and animations that change on scroll. This not only adds visual oomph to the landing pages, but also helps explain the content in a simplified manner.


Make the Purpose Clear

Ever land on a page and feel lost? The purpose of the page or call-to-action was probably hard to find. Put the CTA front and center so the user doesn't struggle with next steps.


Insert Personalization to Your Content

Build upon user data such as a user's name, geo-location, and past behavior to dynamically generate personalized content. The more the landing page connects with your customers, the more likely it is to convert.


Use Trust Signals

Good landing pages use trust signals to indicate to visitors, that their offer and brand are trustworthy. Examples of trust signals are testimonials, like buttons, showcasing brand logos of past clients, or including badges of recognitions or awards received.

7. Create Content that Can Be Scaled Back for Mobile

Keep your content short and sweet for mobile users so the most important actions are kept above the fold.

8. Strip Out Unnecessary Content or Elements

To keep users focused on progressing, remove any extra icons, spacing, or text.

Interactive content gains twice the engagement than static content. In fact, 62% of B2B marketers are already using it.

Static vs Interactive

What are the distinguishing traits that position interactive Landing Pages as an alternative to static ones? Take a look at some of them:


  • Depends only on form fields to get conversions
  • Bounce rates are higher due to low engagement
  • Offers the same experience to every user who lands on the page A/B testing will provide only a winner without detailed insights on how people engaged with your landing page
  • Often display formulaic copy and visuals with low personalization
  • Lack of segmentation that compromises conversions from Ads



  • Improve lead quality by tracking user preferences beyond forms filled
  • Smaller bounce rates by incentivizing users to participate more directly
  • Increase conversions by showing different versions of the content based on each user’s behavior
  • Capture every interaction in your landing pages to enrich your A/B testing results with more specific insights
  • Reinforce brand authority and awareness via meaningful digital experiences
  • Higher Ad scores with dynamic content optimization to improve message-matching
  • Remove form friction by progressively capturing data using interactive elements

Interactive Landing Pages have been the conversion oasis for these brands

Anvil Media creates interactive mobile Landing Pages that decrease their cost-per-conversion by 51%

This agency’s challenge was to scale their client’s Landing Page creation without crushing budgets. They leveraged Ion to build a conversion campaign for mobile users, driving 40% more leads than the traditional non-mobile Ads. Talk about cost efficiency!

Dell catalysts its Global Marketing Success with Ion

Dell’s Marketing team searched for a faster way to build and globalize lead generation pages. By using Ion’s custom templates, they took their own IT team out of the equation and started creating highly-personalized Landing Pages in a flash. Those pages were localized to different countries without any delay. Ion’s testing and optimization capabilities provided Dell with increases of 50% in basic form completions and 300% in dedicated Landing Pages.

The Centre for Arts and Technology Gets Creative with Ion’s Custom Landing Pages

This prestigious Art School used to handle their marketing campaigns with rigid, hand-coded Landing Pages built by third-party developers. That changed completely when they started their experience with Ion. The company’s marketing team counted on Ion’s Quick Start templates to develop multiple program-specific interactive Landing Pages. These were matched to particular PPC ads to increase the accuracy of their message for different audiences. The Centre’s conversion rates soared from 4% to 19% after these optimizations.


MarketingProfs skyrockets Landing Page conversions with integrated A/B testing

Since the adoption of Ion, the MarketingProfs marketing team has created and tested over 330 landing pages, microsites and conversion experiences for lead generation, event promotion, registration and subscription services. The company achieved 20-50% conversion rates depending on the traffic stream. These positive numbers led to the expansion of Ion’s usage to three other business units within the brand.

Citrix Systems Achieves Stunning Increase in Conversions with Landing Page Optimization

Citrix needed to improve the quality of their online leads and took advantage of interactive Landing Pages to target a high-converting portion of their audience. Ion’s platform allowed their marketing team to create directed paths for multiple user groups, reallocating their PPC investments to the top-performing traffic sources. The campaign ROI rose above expectations and led to a spectacular 556% increase in conversions.

Global Manufacturer Launches Multilingual Custom Landing Pages in Minutes

The company needed to quickly and efficiently create localized landing pages in multiple languages. In their first few months of using Ion's platform, the client has deployed 32 conversion paths fielding traffic from 88 primarily offline sources. They achieved an average conversion rate of 19.5%; 8X higher than the global benchmark of only 2.2%.

Replicating and easily tweaking pages with the ion platform saves us a ton of time. It probably takes a quarter of the time that it would usually take to individually build out all of those pages. - Kim Toomey, Senior Account Executive, Anvil Media, Inc.
[ion's platform] was a key enabler in our online lead gen strategy that resulted in a 10X increase in opportunities for our sales teams in a two-year timeframe. - Josh Mueller, Senior Manager of Business Digital Marketing, Dell
As an art school, we have to make sure that things are very visually appealing — and in that sense, very creative. Before Ion, we were very limited. - Teresa Doulos, Interactive Marketing Manager
Ion has empowered the MarketingProfs marketing team to create elegant, high-performance landing pages. We launch and test pages in minutes, and robust minisites within days. - Megan Leap, Online Marketing Manager, MarketingProfs
With Ion’s post-click marketing services, Citrix can easily deploy online campaigns, track results and modify campaigns in real-time to optimize our spend while providing a consistent, flexible framework for click landing experiences. - Diane Kalmanowicz Director, Web Marketing,Citrix Systems, Inc
We’re now turning around landing pages in any language in 40 minutes. That’s down from four weeks before the platform. - Confidential Client, Web Marketing Specialist, Multinational Manufacturer

Enhance Your Landing Page Performance With Ion

Ion is an interactive content marketing platform loved by hundreds of leading brands such as DHL, Oracle and FedEx.


It can help your business to create and test interactive experiences that generate leads, enhance brand awareness, and drive revenue.


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✔ Save time, money and resources


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