Handoff / Kickoff

What is the customer thinking or feeling?

  • Excited & optimistic. Feel the possibility of improving and being a better version of themselves.
  • Ideal: Have onboarding/program plan 50+% ready to execute, w/ clear expectations on deliverables and roadmap
  • Potentially some stress and uncertainty.
  • May have unknown expectations and feelings around how much work it may take, how quickly they will see results

What is the customer’s touchpoint with the business?

  • Receive email confirmation via Docusign of joint signed contract
  • Receive "welcome email" from Sales rep, and 2nd welcome from CSM
  • Participate in kickoff call with CS
  • Receive email from Ops/finance with billing info

What are the Customer Milestones? (done by customer)

  • Sign contract
  • Respond to confirm timing for kickoff conversation
  • Attend and participate in kickoff call, include relevant stakeholders and team members that will be involved in onboarding and adoption phases.
  • Prior to call, prepare KPIs and goals for ion. During call with Rock team, define and articulate clear goals, value metric, and intent for ion during onboarding and in first year of partnership.

What are the Functional Milestones? (done in product)

  • None required in this stage.

Which of these Milestones do we consider a "Customer Win" or success moment?

  • Define and jointly agree on measurable and trackable goals for ion during first 6-12 months of partnership. Goal target must be measuable in ion, or in a way that the customer can share back to us.

What do we (Us & Customer) do / achieve to move them to the next stage?

  • Kickoff call must be held, and next steps for Rock and Customer defined and executable

Who/what is responsible for driving them to next step?

  • Customer Success, with support as needed from Sales

What risks or problems can surface in this step?

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What opportunities or revenue can surface in this step?

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What risks or problems can surface in this step?

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  • Contract is signed after long procurement cycle and buyer is no longer engaged or ready to kickoff onboarding
  • Customer is unresponsive to Sales or CS, in order to book call
  • Customer is responsive, but pushes out kickoff call 2+ weeks from signature
  • Customer immediately changes timeline, scope or expected service level, after signing
  • Customer wants training complete before kickoff (holds up progress indefinitely)
  • Customer wants to have content or plan ready before kickoff (holds up progress indefinitely)

  • Customer has aggressive but attainable timeline for launch
  • Customer immediately expands the relationship to other teams

What opportunities or revenue can surface in this step?

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Health checklist and criteria during this Stage? 

  • Responsive & agrees to kickoff call.

What do we want to change about this step?

  • Create Program Plan or document where onboarding expectations and milestones are covered, during sales process, and included as part of handoff deliverables to CS
  • Kickoff calls - could they be more success criteria and milestone focused? (listen to a couple, evaluate)
  • Better define process and ownership of Sales, CSM and PM in this step. Have customer-facing resource that makes it clear to customers
  • How we assign CSMs is clunky in terms of process, and not particularly data driven. 

How and/or why will we make this change?

  • Customer Success to define the content of Program Plan, align with Sales, and create process for use pre- and post-Sale.

Tools, content or resources we need for this step?

Onboarding deck

Program plan (Format TBD: plan or documented outline of customer goals, intended content, how measure results. A potential tool used in Sales process and as part of the handover to CS, so we can continue to execute against what they planned and defined in the Sales process.)