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Marketers have long been searching for innovative ways to increase their brand’s conversion results online. Interactive Content is their most powerful weapon, and we’ll explain how they do this.


Take a look at our fresh data on the performance of interactive experiences in multiple industries and formats to find out how you can level up your Lead Gen strategy.

Unraveling the mystery of Interactive Content efficiency

Key Insights

What’s the conversion power of your industry?

Interactive experiences allow brands to build trust by adapting content to each user’s specific needs. That’s one of the reasons why segments like Finance and Healthcare, which usually manage sensitive information, were the best performers in our report.

Keep reading to see how interactive experiences can improve conversions in your specific industry.

How open is your communication with users?

Some of this edition’s top-performing content types were quizzes and assessments, which stand out for their conversational aspect. Their efficiency is a great example of how today’s users value brands that allow them to share their preferences and habits in entertaining and self-navigated web experiences.

Check our data to appreciate how interactive content can help you create meaningful dialogues with your audience.

Which is the best way to captivate your audience?

Interactive content is acknowledged as one of the most flexible solutions for user engagement. Some of its most popular types are infographics, eBooks, calculators and assessments.

Dig deep into the report’s insights to visualize how each interactive experience format can contribute to your brand’s digital strategy.

Interactive content is content where the audience actively participates instead of just passively reading, watching, or listening. Interactive content includes things like quizzes, assessment tools, calculators, configurators, etc.

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An Overview of Interactive Content’s
Marketing Power in 2021

Content creation is no longer a differentiating factor in a business’s online strategy, no matter the field it competes in. There’s an ocean of marketing content out there, so how can your company be highlighted? A shift from static, formulaic content to interactive experiences is well worth considering.


In this report you’ll catch sight of interactive content’s conversion performance in multiple industries. We’ll also show you which content types have generated the most impressive amounts of prospects for businesses that used them recently.

We analyzed 66 interactive experiences in 8 content formats of customers in 11 industries. All of these pieces of content were created in Rock Content’s Ion platform.


Our report is loaded with high-quality data and actionable recommendations to guide your efforts. If you’re totally new to interactive content, we’re sure you’ll be enticed to start creating it when you finish our report. In case you’re no longer a beginner in the subject, our data will increase your results with improved interactive experiences.

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Here you’ll find graphics and stats on how each industry stacks up in their interactive content strategies.

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Meet the numerous interactive content formats you can create, their capabilities and how well they perform on average.

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