Be the change for a better future.

You're one click away to make the change in a Mexican woman by just allowing the opportunity to learn.
Through education, can help to economically empower Mexican women so they can start and run a successful business and create a better future for themselves and their families.

Creating Entrepreneurs

Learn is just a word, but with a huge power. Today, 50% of women start a business because they need money to sustain their families, but they have no education to help them ride a business. That's exactly what we are working on!

Did you know?

Many Mexican women face significant obstacles that prevent full participation in the labor market.


These include: unpaid workload (Mexican women spend 4 hours a day more to unpaid work than men); the traditional roles of genre; and the lack of work-life conciliation policies family, especially the insufficient supply of childcare services and flexible work practices.


47% of Mexican women have...
47% of Mexican women have difficulties to get a decent job and when they get it, it's poorly paid and with bad conditions.


2% of working women are...
Only 2% of working women are entrepreneurs against 6% of men.


Women earn 10% less...
Women earn 10% less money than men, even if they had better grades in school.

Our purpose

Is to promote that all women in vulnerable conditions can start and improve their businesses. We accomplish this by creating entrepreneurs, generating safe spaces of capacity building and gender equity.
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They say, sharing is caring. So I want to impact the life of all this women that are chasing a dream, by sharing my knowledge with them.
Lupita Pérez
You can make a difference! In addition to being part of the conversation about gender equality, men like me can be part of the solution by supporting causes and projects like CREA Mexico. Make a commitment now against gender inequality. Come be part of this positive impact for these women entrepreneurs!
Guilherme Paoliello
I'm passionate about this cause because, as a woman, I took some time to recognize I was capable of being successful and I could do whatever I wanted. And now I strongly believe in the power of growing together and empowering other womans to find their successful path!
Nina Mascarenhas
I strongly believe that we can change part of the world - or someone's world. As a woman, supporting this cause is something that moves me a lot! Women have a lot of challenges to overcome, but together we can -really- do it!
Bárbara Greggio
As a man, I believe that empowering other women and help them reach their dreams, is a big step in changing the world to become a better place.
José Francisco
As a woman, what motivates me is that today i can do whatever i want, and if i can, why the others cant? So, CREA give us some path to make this happen, to help others womam make their dream possible and i'm passionate with this cause.
Renata Ribeiro
I am passionate about this cause because it took me a while to feel confident in the work enviroment and to actually believe that I could achieve any goal I set my mind to. Now, I hope I can help other women shine and feel empowered!
Fernanda Rebuzzi
Supporting CREA is a way of giving back all the learning opportunities I have been given. These women are an example of courage!
Carol Abrantes

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