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Examples of how Ion can assist you with copy and image formatting.

You can develop an overlay format that best suits your unique KPI's and campaign strategy.

  • Background images in Text entries
  • Layered layout options
  • Opacity and stylistic changes to top-layer content
  • Application of an interactive features like
    • light boxes
    • reveals
    • links
    • iFrames
    • rotators
    • You get the idea.



Empowering Wind Turbine Innovations With Smart Energy Capabilities

Envision’s software-defined turbine approach exceeds technological limitations of traditional wind turbines while boosting wind power generation efficiency by 15 percent. To bring their smart technology to market, Envision sought a world-class manufacturing and supply chain partner.





The Auburn Hills Project




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About Jabil (Sample Space Holder)

At Jabil we strive to make ANYTHING POSSIBLE and EVERYTHING BETTER. With over 260,000 diverse, talented and dedicated employees across 100 locations in 30 countries, our vision is to be the most technologically advanced and trusted manufacturing solutions provider. 

We enable success for the world’s leading brands through a refined combination of:

  • Unmatched breadth and depth of end-market experience,
  • Technical and design capabilities,
  • Manufacturing know-how,
  • Supply chain insights
  • Global product management expertise

 We are driven by a common purpose to make a positive impact for each other, our communities, and the environment.


If you've made it this far, then there are placeholder pages for the external linked example. The Social Share buttons below are also pre-directed to respective platforms. I Inverted some of the color, changed the imagery, and added a PDF collateral download link (below Envision example).

While I know much about Ion, I am no designer, nor was this intended as a formal POC. Please consider it a relevant application of Rock content to a small portion of your master website. 

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